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What recipe do you have for a Mojito Cocktail?
The miraculous effects of mint in Mojito Cocktail will beat all your expectations, delighting your taste buds. The necessary ingredients for this cocktail are 50 milli ...
22/08/2014 05:00
1 answers
I am curious how is the rye mostly used?
Rye is a cereal that can be used in bakery. The soils on which it can be cultivated are the acid and sandy ones and the necessary climatic conditions are the cold and hum ...
22/08/2014 03:00
1 answers
How much Celery is cultivated nowadays?
Presently, celery is one of the most wide spread vegetables in the world, due to its beneficial properties for the human body, but also for the fact that it is an excelle ...
22/08/2014 01:00
1 answers
During what seasons is the Wild thyme harvested?
Since July till September the plant can be harvest by cutting the stems with a sickle knife or scissors. The brown parts at the base of the stem are removed, and also the ...
22/08/2014 01:00
1 answers
What is gastritis?
Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach mucosa and it can have various stages. Untreated gastritis can have serious results over the entire digestive system, because ...
31/07/2014 10:00
1 answers
What are the rules for consuming carbohydrates?
Chose carbohydrates that can be found in fresh fruit and vegetables. Decrease the consumption of cereal made products excepting the integral cereals. Avoid the products w ...
31/07/2014 09:00
1 answers
What are marigolds used for?
Marigoldor calendula officinalis, its scientific name, is a plant which was brought in Europe hundreds of years ago from India. It is a plant with branches and with centr ...
31/07/2014 09:00
1 answers
Who should not consume lovage?
Its not recommended to consume lovage in case of pregnant women also, during their nursing period, the intake of this plant must be reduced. Also, for those who suffer fr ...
31/07/2014 08:00
1 answers
How can I treat back pain?
For back massage, the movements start in the gluteal region, then the back, then the thorax, then reaching the shoulders and the neck. To remove the tension from the shou ...
31/07/2014 07:00
1 answers
How does arterial hypertension manifest?
Arterial hypertension evolves during three stages The first one ischaracterized by neurosis symptoms headache, eye pains in the morning, asthenia, tiredness, nausea, slee ...
31/07/2014 06:00
1 answers
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