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Why are dreams important and why is it good that we dream?
The final answer and also the most simple is that in order to have a quiet life during the day, when we are not sleeping, we have to have a quiet “night life”, which ...
01/10/2014 12:30
1 answers
What connection is there between the dream and the dreamer?
What we dream is not necessarily what the dream stands for. Most of the times it happens that we dream about someone bringing us joy and actually the next day, great misf ...
01/10/2014 11:40
1 answers
What are the dreams and dream interpretations all about?
Dreams, those that seem to load our nights, still empty our senses, as the most knowledgeable people of human psychology would say, considering that in the time we take t ...
01/10/2014 11:22
1 answers
What is your favorite metal band?
I am not used to and fancy metal music. My tastes in music are different than yours, but i sometimes like to listen to drum and base or electro music. I cannot recommend ...
22/09/2014 09:09
1 answers
Do you know any fast-to-make vegetarian recipes?
Well, the fastest home-made vegetarian recipes are peeling vegetables and fruits and putting them into a pot and then into the oven and letting them so at least 20 minute ...
22/09/2014 09:46
1 answers
How much do you like vehicles?
They are necessary, indeed. If the roads and highways are good, without holes, then we can enjoy small or long time in a car. It is true that long distances require a car ...
22/09/2014 09:52
1 answers
Should I buy a motorcycle?
Yes, it is a two sided coin. When you buy a speed motorcycle you must think about the fact that chances that you die on a race on in an accident are high and quite close, ...
22/09/2014 09:40
1 answers
Who is in charge of washing your car?
My family has a car and sometimes we take the car to the car wash service. I like to simplify my responsibilities if there are two many. When i have time and cannot affor ...
22/09/2014 09:31
1 answers
Whould you ride a three wheel vehicle?
I have seen in Italy three wheel vehicles, vintage or some modern ones, but the modern ones are very expensive, mainly since they are produced by some popular car brands, ...
22/09/2014 09:10
1 answers
Did you know that today is the international Jazz day?
I am from Satu Mare, Romania country. I know that last year and this one too there have been some jazz concerts downtown, at different pubs and bars. As a small town, pe ...
15/09/2014 10:48
1 answers
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