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Are you using Photoshop?
yes it's the best program to edit pictures and others but it's very hard to learn to use it i think paint it 's better for me ...
27/04/2013 09:47
12 answers
What is your opinion on the TV Channel Discovery?
my favorite show is myth busters which is broadcast on discovery channel and discovery science ...
27/04/2013 08:48
15 answers
What do you think of gran turismo 5?
pretty good game with a nice graphic and gameplay i would love to play it ...
27/04/2013 08:30
12 answers
Have you played F1 yet?
seems a pretty good game and I'm thinking about downloading it and maybe play it but can you tell me what are the computer requirements needed to be able to play this gam ...
27/04/2013 07:07
12 answers
Do we play fully manual in Fifa?
My favorite fifa is the fifa 2007 because i played it the most but even tough isn't really so realistic as fifa 2011 is ok still to play it . ...
27/04/2013 07:27
19 answers
Do you believe what you see on the TV?
The television it's a way of information but it is also a way to entertain yourself . ...
27/04/2013 07:16
23 answers
What is your favorite TV Channel?
i usually spend my time at the tv watching sport.ro or discovery world or maybe protv when there is a good film ...
26/04/2013 01:42
20 answers
Witch are your favorite games?
Call of Duty Modern Warfare it's a great game and it is very realistic it' s a pleasure to play it it also has a very good story line the only problem is the high require ...
26/04/2013 11:58
7 answers
What is your favorite music channel?
my favorite music channels are kiss tv and utv because they play some very nice quality music ...
26/04/2013 11:56
10 answers
What do you think of Pro Evolution Soccer?
seems a pretty good game he caught my interrest Can some body give me a good torent from where i can download it ? ...
26/04/2013 10:26
16 answers
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