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Under what names is the Shepherd's Purse also known?
For more than four centuries the Shepherds Purse has been known as a haemostatic medicinal herb. Among the people it is also known as the fever weed, arior, cat tail, pas ...
22/08/2014 05:00
1 answers
How should the rye seeds be?
The seeds of the cereal used for seeding must have a purity of minimum 97, a germination of 90 and they shouldnt contain Claviceps sclerotic. It is recommendable to treat ...
22/08/2014 03:00
1 answers
How do you normally prepare the millet polenta?
In case you want to prepare millet polenta, boil water and salt in a larger recipient. When the water boils, pour the flour and stir. Remove after approximately 15 minute ...
22/08/2014 01:00
1 answers
What are the symptoms of gastritis?
Among the symptoms of acute gastritis there is the abdominal discomfort in the superior size of the stomach, gastric acid is excessively produced causing lesions of the l ...
31/07/2014 10:00
1 answers
How does macular degeneration manifest?
Macular degeneration is of two types dry and wet. Dry form is the most frequent form and is characterized by thinning of retina and of the small white deposits formed ins ...
31/07/2014 09:00
1 answers
I use marigold ointment a lot - is there a way to make it at home?
Marigold ointment is one of the best products of this type, but when you buy such a product you must be careful to look for a larger extract of marigold. You can also mak ...
31/07/2014 09:00
1 answers
What are the causes of ear pain?
Either we talk about minor or serious trauma, or just simple conditions,ear paincan appear anytime, being very annoying and painful. However, the ear the exterior side wh ...
31/07/2014 09:00
1 answers
What tips do you recommend for a healthy diet?
It is recommended to reduce the salt quantity consumed in one day, reduce the consummation of animal fats, like bacon, fat meat, and replacing them with oil and soy, redu ...
31/07/2014 09:00
1 answers
How is arterial hypertension dagnosed?
The diagnosis for arterial hypertension is easily placed based on the clinical symptoms and the measure of arterial tension. Then, analyzing the clinical symptoms correla ...
31/07/2014 05:00
1 answers
What are the health benefits of kohlrabi?
Kohlrabi has various proprieties, such as diuretic, depurative. They help to the elimination from the organism of the toxins. Also, the substances inside these vegetables ...
31/07/2014 04:00
1 answers
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