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What is the camphor tree used for?
The famous explorer Marco Polo used to write that the camphor oil is used by the Chinese asmedicine, but also whenembalming deceasedpeople. The camphor oil hasrespiratory ...
30/07/2014 04:00
1 answers
How does giardia manifest?
Giardia causes diarrhea and occurs predominantly in children, but in some cases can be installed in adults as well. The means of transmission of the parasite is achieved ...
30/07/2014 03:00
1 answers
How successful are treatments for brain aneurysms?
Once the aneurysm is repaired, it may be necessary to ensure the prevention of a stroke which can occur due to spasm of the blood vessels. This may include the administra ...
30/07/2014 03:00
1 answers
How can I apply face makeup correctly?
In daily make-up, application of the blush is made as follows the beautician applies the blush on the cheeks, three points for each orchard, with a broad brush. Then, the ...
30/07/2014 02:00
1 answers
Which foods contain the best proteins?
The best source of animal proteins and therefore amino acids is the fish that also has a good concentration of Omega 3. Red meat is also recommended, while avoiding fats ...
30/07/2014 01:00
1 answers
How are sprains treated?
A simple sprain is manifested by stretching the ligaments, but they are not broken or crushed. The patient with a simple sprain will present the following symptomsThe joi ...
30/07/2014 12:00
1 answers
How can I store blackberries?
The blackberry leaves without petiole are harvested between June and August. The harvest begins before flowering and lasts throughout it. They are collected directly, bre ...
30/07/2014 11:00
1 answers
How can I prepare apples?
For internal use one is to eat the raw fruit, complete with peel, as both have many properties. ...
29/07/2014 10:00
2 answers
I want to dye my hair. How can I keep it healthy?
Whenever women feel the need to make a change, they begin to change their hair color. Hair dye based on ammonia is very aggressive and affects the hair's shine and streng ...
29/07/2014 09:00
1 answers
How healthy are protein bars?
Vitamins B and C from protein bars contributes to a healthy metabolism, but also for a more efficient nervous and skeletal system. Also, fiber and minerals play an import ...
29/07/2014 09:00
1 answers
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