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Which bacteria cause kidney infections?
Kidney infectionsare usually the consequence of untreated or inappropriate treating of the urinary tract infections. The most frequent source of the urinary tract infecti ...
29/07/2014 07:00
1 answers
How is lady's glove harvested?
It is a popular herb appreciated and cultivated for its terapeutic properties. ...
29/07/2014 07:00
1 answers
What is the history of radishes?
The radish, or Raphanus sativum, as its known from a scientific point of view, is a plant that appeared for the first time in the Far East, in Japan and China. Radishs ro ...
29/07/2014 07:00
1 answers
What are sweet potatoes?
The potato is the most common and regular of vegetables, but when it comes to the sweet potato, things change. Lately, especially after the rise of the supermarkets, the ...
29/07/2014 05:00
1 answers
How did cofee become popular around the world?
In 1583, returning after a 10 year long stay in the Middle East, a German doctor was the first to describe the beverage obtained from coffee beans. It described it as ...
29/07/2014 05:00
1 answers
How good is the watermelon diet?
This wonder food is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, making it a powerful detoxifier. The diet with watermelons offers you besides this benefits a higher immunity, ...
29/07/2014 04:00
1 answers
How can I grow opium poppies?
The opium poppy can be planted next to cereals or other legumes. You need to plow in the summer, by the end of august. The ploughing should be done at a depth that should ...
29/07/2014 03:00
1 answers
Should hair loss after pregnancy worry me?
Among the revelations of your new life as a mother, you may have some unpleasant little surprises: ...
29/07/2014 03:00
1 answers
What natural treatments can I use for getting rid of lice?
If you are willing to try natural treatment methods, read below. The white vinegar is probably the most popular treatment against lice, but you should also know that it d ...
29/07/2014 02:00
1 answers
What are calamus' properties?
Tea put a teaspoon roots in l water for 8-10 hours and then strain. Drink it as a cold extract.Herbal bath - place 200 g of root in 5 l water for 10 hours and filter. T ...
29/07/2014 02:00
1 answers
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