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What type of problems can affect invertebral discs?
The main types of affections: abnormalities in the spine- scoliosis- meaning a lateral curvature of the spine, in which the deformed vertebra affects directly the inverte ...
29/07/2014 02:00
1 answers
Does literature improve communication skills and vocabulary speech?
People who read regularly can clot easier a conversation and can relate more easily with others without encountering communication problems. For this reason it is good th ...
28/07/2014 10:00
1 answers
How does hiatal hernia manifest?
Thehiatal herniatrigger pain below the breastbone, in the arms and neck, vomiting, bloating, throat burning and swallowing disorders being other of its consequences. The ...
28/07/2014 08:00
1 answers
How do you guys prepare the smoked salmon salad ?
The smoked salmon salad recipe is a festive preparation that you can successfully serve within any meal that you organize in the comfort of your home. The ingredients for ...
28/07/2014 08:00
1 answers
How can I use caraway fruits?
The seeds have antispasmodic properties, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, anti-worms, influenza, also being a diuretic. ...
28/07/2014 08:00
1 answers
What are corns?
Corns are horny skin formations of brown-yellow epidermis, appearing in the footwear pressure points and which are very unattractive and painful for our feet. They genera ...
28/07/2014 07:00
1 answers
What lifestyle changes should I make if I suffer from the irritable bowel syndrome?
Exercise- walking at a faster pace for half an hour to cause the heart to stimulate digestion and relax the body and control stress. Yoga is an exercise that stimulates t ...
28/07/2014 07:00
1 answers
Is fishing just a relaxing hobby or a serious sport?
For fishing enthusiasts, this activity is as serious as possible, and every day it brings a new challenge. Each fisherman adopts his own techniques and he can discuss abo ...
28/07/2014 07:00
1 answers
What's the best thing about fishing?
Fishing can be a unique way to travel and visit new places because there are numerous fishing techniques that can be applied to various types of waters. Even if you go on ...
28/07/2014 07:00
1 answers
Who can collect stones?
Stone collecting, unlike other types of activities that include collecting goods, is very suitable for the whole family. The little ones love to search for rocks and will ...
28/07/2014 07:00
1 answers
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