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What is the Iron Age?
Those eras existed thousands of years ago, they began before Christ and ended some where after Him. It is true that iron is more durable and a hard material than bronze. ...
22/09/2014 10:46
1 answers
which are the best ways to quit smoking?
I do not smoke, i have never smoked and cannot tell you the best way to quit smoking because each body and mind are different from one individual to another. I have one e ...
22/09/2014 10:56
1 answers
How about trying Smart fm?
I haven.t heard about Smart fm, but from what you.ve mentioned it seems like a platform where you can get language courses. I have discovered Duolingo and i didn.t even k ...
19/09/2014 10:45
1 answers
What music genre do you enjoy?
I enjoy listening to almost any kind of genre as long as the rhythm and the melody is not a single sound in the entire song or as long as not only a sound or a noise exis ...
19/09/2014 10:23
1 answers
What good methods are there to cure a wound in the throat?
I have never heard of wounds in the throat or inside the mouth. I didn.t even knew there could be wounds in such a wet environment. A wound in an internal part of the hum ...
19/09/2014 10:55
1 answers
What are the Vedic texts?
These vedic writings or the Vedes are sacred hindu writings which describe the origins of the first royal descendents in India. These are the prists-kings that have desce ...
09/09/2014 09:00
1 answers
What do you generally do to get in touch with a friend whom you haven't seen or spoken since years?
I try any way that makes it possible to get in touch with him. The internet can be a helpful means of looking for him and finding him. But is that person can't be reached ...
08/09/2014 11:08
1 answers
Have you ever visited Mexico? What is interesting to see there?
I haven't visited it or at least not yet :) I wich i would and could :) Near Cancun you can see many places: for example there is the church named Parroquia de Cristo Res ...
08/09/2014 11:55
1 answers
Have you ever heard about the Scarlet letter?
I have heard about the book and about the expression among people. As an expression i heard it reffering to the fact that somebody has put a blame on sombody, has thrown ...
08/09/2014 11:30
1 answers
What criteria do you take into consideration when voting for one candidate at elections?
I suggest that it is highly important to know that person by its actions towards people, towards common welfare, towards common good and common sense. The background of a ...
04/09/2014 10:48
1 answers
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