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Are there more varieties of dreams?
A heard a dream interpreter saying that there are more types of dreams and I was curious to know, how many of the actually are? Can anyone explain to me this concept and also give me examples?
01.10.2014, 12:00
Rank: 7
This month:
Nightmares are of course the dreams that nobody wants to experience, but they still appear in the dreams of many individuals and they usually stick to our minds, because they affect our thinking, our brain and its activity.
Another category of dreams would be the recurrent one, so the dreams that practically help us know ourselves better, determining us to eventually radically change our way of life. They actually represent a warning of the subconscious. For example, of we dream about fighting with our boss, it actually represents awareness to the fact that we are not doing our tasks as we should, and thus we feel in danger of losing our jobs or in danger of being penalized.
Most of the times, we dream that we are sick or that we are going to have an accident, which means that there is something actually wrong with our bodies, the human body manages thus to communicate to the mind, succeeding in sending you certain stimuli, so that you can take better care of yourself. These dreams are in the category of healing dreams.
Many people say that they have premonitory dreams, but we can discuss this from a completely different point of view. They say that our spirit knows everything: past, present, future, everything that surrounds us and everything that exists beyond the fine line between earth and sky, the so-called horizon, everything is known, however not all is revealed in a lucid state of mind. Thus we have access to some information in our subconscious state, we can gain some pieces of information that will eventually prove to be true, causing great awe. For example: “I dreamt that a person of the opposite sex asked me out on a date”, and the following day we suddenly meet someone we like and with whom we start a new relationship. However, we can have a couple of interpretations here, and from many points of view. That is exactly why we must treat the symbols as they are, not let ourselves get stuck on a single idea. The symbols for the interpretation of the dreams only help us make more plans, develop our thinking, to take more possibilities into account and not get stuck on the idea that red only represents love or only death. It can bring along more real aspects than that.
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