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Questions asked in Auto & Moto
Woulden't you rather ride a bike? :)
There are a huge number of automobiles running all over the world. The number of vehicles are increasing day by day. Due to the reason that old vehicles are still running in many countries it is incre...
1 answers
Posted by sunilratna in 2013-03-27 08:47:10
You heard about this car before?
I had to do a project at school about Tata Motors.Sincerely I had never heard about those cars,especially about Tata Nano.But after I've read more,that little car started to like me.Is the world's che...
3 answers
Posted by stefanamanoliu in 2013-03-27 08:38:03
You guys ever asked yourselfs what would a engine with wheels look like?
Everyone knows that we have super cars. They are a joy to our eyes end a bigger joy to their drivers. But if you didn't like cars that much? What if you were a motorbike fan. Dodge answers your call a...
7 answers
Posted by devilroyale in 2013-03-26 14:19:19
suzuki katana, lucky or not?!
hi there! for some time,a year to be more precise,ive been the 'lucky' owner of a katana.lucky or what?! i dont know exactly,i like it a lot.its a veritable sport-touring of the 90's heavy,stable,with...
2 answers
Posted by snake in 2013-03-26 14:14:14
Is Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 really menth for ninjas?
For many years this bike was considered to be the fastest bike and have the faster production ever. This not a wow motorcycle but the way that it's built put's it into the best class. It is very relia...
2 answers
Posted by devilroyale in 2013-03-26 14:09:44
Opinions on old motorcycles?
Old motorcycles ?Today i had the chance to discover an old bike which was sitting for some time in a garage and i liked it very much.Im talking about an old Bmw r80 motorcycle.Quite old but it started...
6 answers
Posted by goevert in 2013-03-26 13:59:45
Anyone heard of Fantic Motors?
Fantic Motors is a Italian motorbike company. All of it's vehicles are based on durability. Even though these days you will only see big motors and race bikes from them if search a bit you will find o...
1 answers
Posted by devilroyale in 2013-03-26 13:47:16
Piaggio scooter, first impression?
If I would have the money to make that kind of choice one of my fist picks would be Piaggio scooters and they also are a favorite among many people but especially Italy. Due to the high traffic scoote...
2 answers
Posted by devilroyale in 2013-03-26 13:40:53
Is Suzuki KingQuad 400 FS a good choice when it comes to atvs?
I have heard that it may not be much of a sight for sore eyes but it's what it can do that matters the most. Four wheel drive and 5 gears and has the engine tuned for high torque and powerful accelera...
2 answers
Posted by devilroyale in 2013-03-26 13:34:10
Which is better? Bashan (first bike Atv) or Linhai ATV?
Which is better? Bashan (first bike Atv) or Linhai ATV? I honestly don't really know, and i would appreciate some fist sight opinions on this particular topic, if you guys don't mind. I have heard som...
2 answers
Posted by Vulendor in 2013-03-26 13:27:52
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