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Did you know that the TV has a major influence on people?
In my opinion, the TV is one of the most powerful tool for mass subjugation. You are only offered a part of the information and you can not say for sure whether it is true or not. Have you ever thought about the massive impact of the TV?
26.04.2013, 12:33
Rank: 1
This month:
Because the times have changed,the priorities,the taste of the people.When television was invented people were mesmerized by it.Now its just a tool for those who want to become celebrities and they would be capable of doing anything to appear on tv.People like gossip and scandals and if thats on tv,they will watch.
26.04.2013, 12:35
Rank: 1
This month:
Yes times have changed. However, many people sit for a TV show all interesting to see such a match, the message. I watched more than ever, but no longer, now it is all at the computer for social networking sites.
30.04.2013, 05:08
Rank: 1
This month:
There are already 6 years since I no longer own a TV and frankly I don't miss it. Except for football matches (which I can now see online as well), I wasn't watching TV anyway before dropping the TV altogether.

Yes, the TV can be used (and sometimes it is used) as a tool of mass subjugation, but as long as the individuals targeted allow it - for nobody stops them to look the information they've heard on TV on the Internet and double or triple-check it.
The Internet has the great advantage that it's free of censorship (yet) so the lies are harder to be held without questioning.
However, groups of individuals can use the Internet as well as a tool for mass subjugation (and it's already happening, as a matter of fact). Just look at the numbers of obviously biased websites such as BBC or Jezebel have, in comparison with websites that tell the truth.
Moreover, the anonymity provided by the Internet can (and will) provide the user with a distorted image when it comes to public opinion. It's not uncommon at all to see a consensus on the Internet over an issue and then in the public real life to see a consensus expressed in exactly the opposite direction.

But despite these issues, the Internet is still a better place than mainstream media (particularly TV) because the feedback is instantaneous and because on the Internet, any individual can become a journalist and report about ideas and events that might be deemed as "irrelevant" by the Mainstream Media.
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