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Do you believe that gap generation really exists?
Many of us say that nowadays gap generation is more current than in any other times. It is a kind of a trend, a prominent idea that differences between generations are so visible that there aren't any possibilities to reconcile youth with adults. Is there such a great discrepancy between our parents and grand-parents and us, children and youth?
12.09.2014, 10:31
Rank: 7
This month:
There may a difference of perspective and opinions, of view among children, youth and their parents. I think that gap generation is just a concept that some of us want to use as an excuse for a crazy youth time of because there isn.t enough consideration for our parents. It is true that some of the grown-ups have forgotten their youngster times, the fact that the same behavior was their freedom and act like they have a horrible child or have an agressive sense of possesion over their child. But a normal life is when young poeple respect the older ones and the other way round, when they know how to speak and make arguments so as not to be offensive. This is very necessary and has the same rate of obligation for adults two.
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