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Do you know something about the Quimbaya civilization?
I have heard about the Quimbaya civilization and i would like to learn more abput where was it located, when was discovered and mainly when was its time of developing. Why did it disappear?
04.09.2014, 10:24
Rank: 7
This month:
What i have read about Quimbaya firstly is that they had some misterious air planes present in their culture, seen in their antique sculptures and different material sculptures. This precolumbian culture existed in the South America in the year 1000 a. C. There haven t been discovered too many details about it, except some figurines. These were created from a kind of allay named tumbaga: 30 percentage of it was gold and the other percentage was copper. What is fantastic about the allay is that the researchers said it was one type used and belonging to the Atlantida civilization. The most terrific fact about the figurines is that these air planes resemble so well to the ones that fly nowadays, they even have a pilot cabin.
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