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Do you know why cats purr?
Do you know why cats purr? Everybody knows that when a cat is feeling comfortable, when they see themselves in cozy surroundings they start purring. It is said that that state of calm is sent to the owner as well. What exactly in their body produces those low frequency vibrations?
14.07.2014, 08:29
Rank: 7
This month:
I think they want to signal their present mood to their master. Sometimes they purr to other animals with whom they interact.
The purpose of purring, as i could observe on my own cat, is to make me understand that it needs to be stroked, it is seeking my affection.
As towards other animals, sometimes the cats show anger while purring. For example, when facing a dog, an enemy cat or another threatening animal, they start to purr instantly.
14.07.2014, 11:39
Rank: 7
This month:
My cat only purrs when I touch her or when she's really comfortable. Whenever I get home she meaws until I take her up in my arms and she starts to purr. I guess she's really happy. When she feels a little discomfort, she doesn't purr or even when someone else holds her. I can't understand how she actually purrs, but I feel her chest vibrating, so I guess it starts from there. As for the effect on humans, it is definitely soothing, I am relaxed even if I know she's in the room. When I get up in the night and don't see her, I call her, I have a restless sleep when she is not with me.
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