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Do you like Test Drive Unlimited 2?
Release date: 8 february 2011


Test Drive Unlimited 2 is the second installment in the TDU franchise and because of this it had some big expectations from the fans. But did the developers fufill them, or did they disappoint the fans?

Well, one thing is certain. Test Drive Unlimited 2 brings some new features to the franchise, such as off-road vehicle races, day-night cycle, rain, a more customize-able car and avatar with interesting new features, a level up system for the avatar and LOTS of new exotic and regular cars to drive.

At first you get to learn the ropes through the help of the new Driving School feature, which is a bit annoying because it is a bit too hard in some places. Yes, passing the license test can be harder than winning a race heh.

What Test Drive Unlimited 2, or TDU 2 as the fans know it, lacks is a good control. The cars are very hard to drive with a keyboard, so you need a driving wheel to fully enjoy this game. It also lacks proper AI and a difficulty level.

The multiplayer aspect of the game has improved in Test Drive Unlimited 2, however the game has had a lot of trouble with the servers making it harder to enjoy this.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is a nice and fun arcade-simulator racing game, but I would only recommend it to the big fans of the racing games. It's hard to play it without a steering wheel and the bugs you'll encounter will make playing it a true test of patience.
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