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Frequently Asked Questions


WHATAFY – We Have All The Answers For You, in short WHATAFY, is a project that wants to lower the stupidity level of people and help whoever is in need. We will not accept answers of a low quality, these will be deleted and the users that do not show their true potential, in order to meet the standards of an expert in answers, will have the account deleted. Even you can become an expert! It is not hard to help those surrounding you with your experience and knowledge that you have gathered so far. More than that, it is never too late to inform yourself, to learn something new and to help others at the same time. The main idea is to build a database with as many useful questions and answers as possible, not to direct the traffic to other websites, At the end of it, everybody knows how to use the browsing engine, especially if they have made it so far as to post a question on our website. Offer answers as detailed and as useful as possible in order to become an expert in the reputable community of WHATAFY.

Why get involved?

There are several types of people, see in which one you fit to find your reason:

               1. I want to make myself noticed

There are many people with an over average IQ, but that did not have the chance or luck to make themselves noticed. Now you have the chance to offer useful and intelligent answers through a community where everybody wants to become an expert. At the signature, or on your profile page in the description field you can attach your contact details, you never know when luck is on your side and someone offers you a job or an advantageous collaboration.

    1. I am an expert and in need of clients

It is already known that an intelligent answer on a forum or on a specialized website will automatically attract the attention of those who are interested. Thus, if you have a business and are an expert in your filed, offer useful and complex answers. These might bring you clients, at the signature you can specify who you are and you can also offer your contact details. For example: Psychologist John Smith, appointments and consultations on psychologist-john-smith.ro. We would like to tell you, based on our own experience that the outcome will be more than rewarding.

    1. I have too much free time

How many times have you woken up bored because you have to much free time on your hands? You tend to get bored walking or watching tv series on the internet. To offer good quality and useful answers, to be part of a community of experts can be a pleasant experience and a useful way of spending your free time. Try it, you have nothing to lose.

    1. I like to get involved

There are situation in which you want to get involved, to be part of something special and help the people. Now you have the opportunity to be part of a vast team of experts and communicate with them while helping in building a database which will be useful for many years to come. All in a dynamic and active way.

    1. I need help

On several occasions we ask questions on forums or on websites for questions and answers where we do not receive good quality answers or even receive irrelevant or mocking ones. If you have a question, you can raise it to the largest team of experts in the country, this way you will surely receive a useful and satisfying answer (in most cases). Do not forget to offer as much detail as possible in order to receive a satisfying answer.

How to become a WHATAFY member?

In order to become a member you have to open an account first. Click here in order to create one. Likewise, you can create one when offering an answer or addressing a question.

How can I edit my data or change the password?

After connecting to the website, using the account created, you will see a link towards edit profile. On this page you can change your name and surname, set a self description, set or change the avatar, create a signature and even change your password.

How can I make my WHATAFY account be more safe?

Everything you have to do is to set a safer password. Do not use simple passwords such as birth days, favourite team, the street you live on, the name of a dear person and so on. Use complex passwords hard to crack?

How can I post a question on WHATAFY?

On any page you access, you can see a big green button on which is written “Ask a question”. Click on the button and complete the necessary data. Try and follow the terms and conditions of the website.

My question does not appear on the website, why?

All the questions asked by people that have not jet reached the 2nd level will enter moderation first. This way we can help you at the beginning with a correct form of the question, notify you with the errors found and easily eliminate the spam or the people that want to harm the website. We know that you seek an immediate answer most of the times, for this reason we assure you that we are doing our best to check them as fast as possible.

How can I answer a question on WHATAFY?

To answer a question is extremely easy, the hard part is offering a good quality answer. In order to post an answer, enter on the page of the question and below you will see the fields necessary to offer an answer. If you are not logged in, you will have to introduce the user name and the password. If you do not own an account, click on New Member and in only a few minutes you can create one and answer at the same time. All the answers of users under the 2nd level will enter moderation.

My answer does not appear, why?

All the answers offered by users that have not jet reached the 2nd level will enter moderation before being published. Offer useful answers for they will be quickly approved. These can be edited or deleted, depending on the case. Follow the terms and conditions for posting a new answer.

How to edit or delete an answer or a question?

The question can not be edited or deleted by users after publication, for this reason we offer a preview of the question before posting it. Therefore, PAY ATTENTION! For the answers you have 15 minutes after publication to correct your message or delete it, after this it can not be edited or deleted, only in exceptional cases.

How is the best answer established?

The best answer is established according to the points accumulated by it. The points are given in concordance to the votes offered by those who rate the answer. In order to prevent abuse, these votes are made public through the activities inventory on WHATAFY. On the upper right side of every message you can see a star and the points offered after rating. The color from the upper side of the answer changes according to the points gathered.

Steel – 0 points (it has not been evaluated)

Red – negative rating (probably an irrelevant answer)

Green – positive rating (appreciated answer)

Blue – the best answer

As new answers and votes appear, the best of them can change, absolutely every time, according to the score obtained.

How can I report an abuse?

In order to report an inadequate question, use the report link found under the question. The same thing can be done for a comment, there is a report button right below the comment. If you wish to report another type of abuse, please use the contact link at the bottom of the page to see how you can contact us.

How can I search something on WHATAFY?

Look for the search button on the page, in the upper left side you can type in whatever you wish to search, after which you click on the button to make the actual search. WHATAFY uses the GOOGLE search engine in order to make the searching faster and of a better quality. After doing a search Google Adsense advertising may appear.

How to gather points?

Whatafy has a scoring system that takes in account several factors, such as the level of the user or his rank.

Points given for posting an answer. The points are received by whoever posts the answer. Level = the level of the user that posted the answer.

1P + 0.1*level – the first answer posted to a question.

0.75P + 0.1*level – the second answer posted to a question

0.50P + 0.1*level – the following answers posted to a question

Points given for rating an answer. The points are received by the user that has posted the answer. The user that rated the answer does not receive any points. Level = the level of the user that has rated the answer

0.3P*level – Very useful

0.2P*level – Useful

-0.2P*level – Irrelevant

-.0.03P*level – Wrong information

What is the rank on WHATAFY?

The rank represents the position on which the user lies in the top members WHATAFY. The top position is established according to the total points a user has scored.

What does the level of a user represent on WHATAFY?

There are 10 levels you can reach. The levels are given according to the number of points gathered on the website, based on your activity. The level will be displayed through a number in a circle wherever the name of the user appears.

Level 1 : 0 - 99 points

Level 2 : 100 – 249 points

Level 3 : 250 – 499 points

Level 4 : 500 – 999 points

Level 5 : 1.000 – 2.499 points

Level 6 : 2.500 – 4.999 points

Level 7 : 5.000 – 9.999 points

Level 8 : 10.000 – 14.999 points

Level 9 : 15.000 – 19.999 points

Level 10 : 20.000+ points

What prises are offered for the activity?

The prises change from one month to another, for this specific reason we ask you to check at the beginning of each month the prises page. On this page you will also find the prise and the winners of previous months. They are contacted by email to be apprised of winning the prise.

How can I find the profile page of a member?

The easiest way is to access the link http://whatafy.com/users/ and then add at the end the name of the user you want to look for, for example http://whatafy.com/users/marius. Likewise, you can access the section where you will find all users listed in an alphabetical order, or on the page of top members, ordered according to their score. Nonetheless, you can also find a member through the searching option found on the website.

I have found an error, how can I report it?

If you have discovered an error on the website, go to the contact page at the bottom to find the contact details. Please provide as many details as possible, such as the page where you found the error, what kind of error is displayed or have seen, even a picture (printscreen) would be useful. We thank you for your support and the wish to create a clean environment, without errors in which all can carry on their activity.