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Have you ever heard about the Scarlet letter?
I have read it in my teenage time when the English teacher suggested it to our class. We studied about some famous literature authors and the Scarlet letter was very important for us to read. I liked the subject, but didn't like the way the author wrote it. The many details and unimportant things he described were making me think it is a dull book, but i come to find out it wasn't so after being patient and knowing the subject as i went on with the book. What do you know about the book and about the symbo? Why did it exist?
08.09.2014, 11:06
Rank: 7
This month:
I have heard about the book and about the expression among people. As an expression i heard it reffering to the fact that somebody has put a blame on sombody, has thrown the whole resposibility and fault towards somody and now that one person is to be judged and made a responisble for the bad and for the outcomes. The Scarlet letter is the story of a simple woman in the times of the severe anglicanism when any rule absurd or nor, broken by poeple should have been punished with scourge beatings and many other types of punishment. This woman has loved one man and the child she gave birth was the fruit of their love. I think that this man was a priest who really loved her, but the power of prejudices and the powr of the church was much harder than the sincere power of love.
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