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Have you ever heard of Lady Balasa, what sort of place is it?
Have you ever heard of Lady Balasa, what sort of place is it?
17.09.2013, 21:34
Rank: 7
This month:
Lady Balasas house is one of the historical monuments that make up the Royal Court in Targoviste. As its name says, it belonged to Constantin Serban Basarabs wife, the Romanian Country ruler, also known with the name of Costantin Srban Carnul. People said about this lady that she was very kind and devoted herself to helping the poor.The house was built in 1965 and it was originally designed for people with limited financial possibilities and for the poor. This is mentioned on the inscription from the southern front. Subsequently, a school functioned in the house by the end of the ninetieth century.The house was built with four rooms on a single level. The rooms have cross vaults and are separated by two rooms, from where one reaches not only the inner court of the church, but also the north annexes. The floor inside the house has red brinks. At the beginning, a threshold was built on the north faade, but further alterations made it disappear. At the same time, these alterations also changed the roof and the facades.Lady Balasas house was raised when the Holy Friday Church inside the Royal Court was rebuilt and restored. The house is found near the religious sanctuary and functioned as a guesthouse. It has been well preserved throughout years and it seems to be the only building with a civil inscription.Even if nowadays its uninhabited, Lady Balasa house deserves to be visited. Its an architectural wonder and the fact that its part of the Royal Court from Targoviste makes it even more special.
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