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Have you heard of radio drama? What is it?
Have you heard of radio drama? What is it?
07.12.2013, 15:31
Rank: 7
This month:
Radio drama, as the name suggests, represent a mise en scene at an acoustic level of some plays; radio drama had from the beginning a large audience and this is not a surprise, considering the characteristics and originality of this type of theater, as it is still appreciated today. Radio theater can run on different radio frequencies, but in many cases is recorded on audio support. What makes this kind of theater be so special is just the simple fact that dialogue occurs only verbally, the acoustic receiver being able to understand the play itself depending on character dialogue. Some critics have argued that radio drama does not have the same impact as the staging of a play because in the latter case, the visual impact is one that has a greater influence; however, this statement is totally wrong because listeners of radio drama give a greater significance to dialogue than the image.
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