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Have you played Dragon Age Origins yet?
Release date: 3 November 2009
Platforms: Pc, Xbox 360 and PS3

Dragon Age: Origins brought a whole new horizon to the RPG realm, being released by the legendary company Bioware. It was a start to a whole new and highly entertaining franchise.

Dragon Age: Origins is a highly acclaimed RPG which brings you in the role of a Gray Warden, basically a hybrid between a human and a darkspawn, and you must save the kingdom from the undead darkspawn ruled by their king, a dragon called Archdemon.

This is a very interesting tale, in which you can choose its outcome by the decisions you make throughout the entire game. It's not a liniar storyline at all, and it has over 10 different ways to end.

You can choose from a multitude of races, each of which has its own introductory story, and then you can decide to become a warrior, mage or a rogue.

In Dragon Age: Origins, you get a lot of companions following you throughout the storyline and you can even interact witht hem, become better friends or even lovers.

The graphics are amazing, and the gameplay is very addictive, making Dragon Age: Origins a "must" purchase for any RPG fan out there, as well as for those who are interested to try this genre.


I finished the game with all races, but I enjoyed starting out with a dwaf noble the most. What about you?
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