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How are sprains treated?
How are sprains treated?
30.07.2014, 12:43
Rank: 7
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A simple sprain is manifested by stretching the ligaments, but they are not broken or crushed. The patient with a simple sprain will present the following symptomsThe joint is very swollen. The area is very sensitive and painful.You can move your foot, hand, etc. within the normal range, but the movement will cause pain, which is sometimes unbearable. For a diagnosis, the patient will be examined. X-rays will be appropriate to determine if there is any damage or not. After establishing the exact diagnosis, the doctor will determine the treatment. It may consist ofImmobilization with a splint or an elastic band to the affected area. A resting period is mandatory for healing the ligament in good conditions.Immobilization with plaster. This method is used only if the sprain is very painful. In this case it is vital to get some rest and avoid sudden movements.Unlike the first case, severe sprain is manifested by tearing or pulling of the ligaments. In case of a rupture of the ligament, the joint will have abnormal movements.To establish the diagnosis and especially the treatment methods, a clinical examination and the X-rays will be done. On the examination it will be noted if the patient has severe pain in the affected area, being swollen. Radiological diagnosis is required even if theres a clear case, because only with this examination the doctors can determine if there would be any damage left after healing.The situation often requires surgery to help restore the ligaments or to replace them. Warning after the surgery and the rest period, a physical recovery is mandatory under medical supervision. The joints that are most prone to sprains are knee or ankle, but they also can be located in the elbow, wrist, finger and shoulder. The ankle sprain is one of the most common sprains, because of a sudden twist of the foot. This leads to a ligament injury on the outside of the ankle that connects the leg bones.
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