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How can anybody explain the phenomenon of mouldy water?
I know it sounds uncanny, but i have heard that the water sold in plastic bottles have expiring date. How can water get mouldy? If we consume water after that date, can it have a mould in it?
27.08.2014, 11:25
Rank: 7
This month:
I have heard this too. I do not want to know how does it look after the date of expiration, but it is clear that is a quite poisonous one. It is a common knowledge that anything bottled or put in plastic recipients change thir chemical composition because of the reaction or interaction with the plastic. If this water or whatever is sold in plastic stays in heat for a while, the mould or the poison is clearly present in it and in the product as well. Plastic water bottles do not contain spring water taken from special places where the water is clear and very clean. Despite de fact that Romania has so many natural and mineral springs all around it, great companies that produce and distribute those bottles do not bother to sell it to people, but prefer to to offer bad quality ones.
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