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How can I harvest and store hawthorn?
How can I harvest and store hawthorn?
30.07.2014, 15:52
Rank: 7
This month:
For the hawthorn is advisable to harvest the single flowers, the single leaves or flowers with connected leaves and also the fruits . Always the harvesting must be done when the dew has disappeared, when its dry and sunny.In April and May the flowers are gathered, at their early blooming, being torn with tails of about 1 cm, or are torn together with the connected leaves form the same branch, which must have a length of only 1 cm. The flowers and leaves are placed to dry in the shade, in a thin layer, in dry places. From 5 kg of harvested flowers or flowers with leaves 1 kg of dried product is obtained, which is packed in paper bags. When dry, the flowers are cream coloured, with a fragrant smell and the leaves are green.If single leaves are picked, these break immediately after blooming or until mid June to July. Only the whole and healthy leaves are harvested. Through drying, 1 kg of dry product being obtained from 3 kg fresh leaves. It is packed in paper bags. In the case of the fruits, these are picked without stems in September, October or November, after they get the red colour. The fruits are dried in the sun, being placed in a thin layer. After drying they have wrinkled surfaces, a sweet taste, a reddish-brown colour and a yellow-red inside. From 3 kg of fresh fruits you can get 1 kg of dried fruits.
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