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How can I prevent back pain?
How can I prevent back pain?
31.07.2014, 17:36
Rank: 7
This month:
Its wrong to force yourself to keep your spine straight. When the muscles which sustain it are overloaded, they can get so contracted that your body will remain stiff, and the pain wont go away unless after a few days of treatment in bed. The back muscles can be relieved through exercises.Your sleep position is also important. You should sleep on firm mattress, but if you use to sleep on your sides, or belly, the best mattress is the soft one. This way, the spine is sustained in its main points. It is necessary that you lie down to relax your back muscles, but dont exaggerate because youll also feel pain. Slow exercises are good for you, as they will relieve the muscles. If you feel pain in your back, you should stop lifting weights. The weights should be lifted by slowly bending your knees. Dont twist your body from the waist.People with normal weight dont have their spine affected, but with only one wrong movement, their spine can modify its development. Gymnastics and regular physical exercises help you stop the pain in your back. If you have a spine deficiency, gymnastics have to be made under medical supervision. Overweight people are more predisposed to back pain than regular people. Also, acupuncture can help you lose the pain in your back after only a few therapy sessions.
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