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How can I start doing cardio exercises?
How can I start doing cardio exercises?
31.07.2014, 16:12
Rank: 7
This month:
There are many opinions regarding the part of the day when the exercises are beneficial. Well, there isnt a certain hour. Most people prefer to make them in the morning, because the in first hours of the day they are full of energy. After 40 50 minutes of exercises you will burn up to 600 calories. Before the training you dont have to eat anything because you will feel sick during the exercises. Dont forget about the water, because youll get dehydrated. If you run in the evening, you should think about the fact that you may be tired after a day of work, and you wont be able to complete your cardio exercises.There are many exercises which you can do, but before you start you have to take a few minutes for the stretching part to stretch your muscles. You can go a gym or you can do the training outside and even at home. It has to last between 30 and 60 minutes depending on your strength and will. You can use a treadmill which can be successfully replaced with jogging, a bike, an elliptical trainer etc.The general idea of cardio exercises is to keep your heart rhythm at a high level. Youll know that you got where you were supposed to when you feel that you need more and more air. If you stop and wish to speak, you cant, because your body needs oxygen. These exercises will help you lose the fat from your entire body, and not just one part of it. Cellulite can be totally eliminated through an equilibrate alimentation, hydration and cardio exercises. The most indicated type of cardio exercise is jogging.
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