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How can you get rid of the extra weight through sex diet?
How can you get rid of the extra weight through sex diet?
02.11.2013, 12:55
Rank: 7
This month:
A new fashionable way to escape extra weight, the diet based on sex becomes more and more popular, representing not only a pleasant way to spend time within the couple and strengthening the intimate relationship between two partners, but also a good way to get rid of those unsightly pounds. Sex diet is not just a weight loss method, but a true lifestyle, which has the benefits of health improvement through regular sex. If for common people this may seem like a strange weight loss technique, for celebrities this is no longer the case, as they don't waste the chance to tell everyone about their active sex life: in interviews, on TV, in shows and through paparazzi.

The sexual diet does not keep the same considerations related to eating certain foods, being characterized as a diet in the sense that it is used to improve the health of those who "practice" this diet. Cameron Diaz, Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian are just some of the stars who swear that the diet based on sex helped them lose weight or maintain their fitness and physical condition. In addition, the endorphins released during sex must have helped a great deal! It seems that sex diet is more complicated than it seems, but is easier to accomplish in comparison with food restrictive diets, which we all know to be difficult to follow. Good sex and appropriate sexual activities can lead to improved health. The benefits of this diet include higher immunity of the body and the reduction of depression. Sex helps maintain the health of the heart and of the respiratory system and encourages weight loss through exercise.

Researchers say that sex helps prolong life and the frequency of sexual activities helps increase the couple's intimacy. Besides the actual sexual activity, some researchers believe that exercises for muscle toning and flexibility help a better couple relationship if done with the sexual partner. The diet based on sex is of several types, each of which includes specific advice on sexual activity, sexual positions, exercise and even diet. Orgasm seems to have a special role in the diet, as some types of such diets put special emphasis on the intensity of orgasm.

One can raise the issue of monogamy along with diet based on sex. Although there are many who believe that this type of diet should be done with one partner, there are also those who believe that monogamy does not help or increase the benefits of sex on the body and its health. Also, it is not clear if masturbation would have the same effects as regular sex with a partner, but mental and physical stimulation can lead to an extension of time to reach orgasm, so masturbation can lower the rate of depression and can help weight loss without the need of having a sexual partner. Statistics say that half an hour of sex can lead to burning more than 200 calories, depending on the sexual position adopted. This statistic, however, is highly controversial, as many scientists disagree with such figures. But what cannot be denied indeed is that sex does have benefits: the improvement of memory, lowering blood pressure and body toning.
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