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How did Nike begin as a brand?
How did Nike begin as a brand?
12.12.2013, 12:54
Rank: 7
This month:
Many do not know how the big businesses started. Thus we take as an example the brand that represented the attraction of the American athletes and has the name of the Greek goddess of victory.

At the basis of this business are the three gurus of the American athletes: Bowerman, Elliot and Prefontaine. The design largely belonged to Bowerman, and Prefontaine (Hollywood has made two films about him) wore them. In the 70s Nike became the symbol of the American athletics.

The year 1972 was disastrous for many people. First of all for the Israelis who were kidnapped and murdered at the Munich Olympics, and then for the Americans who have lost in a humiliating way. This was the moment when Mackay gave a sounding slogan about the fact that people must win with their own power. It was he who transformed a state - that ran only at sports - into an athletic one.

Thus the fortune also smiles for the American brand. Gradually the business focused on fashion, because in the late '70s many didn
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