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How does arterial hypertension manifest?
How does arterial hypertension manifest?
31.07.2014, 18:23
Rank: 7
This month:
Arterial hypertension evolves during three stages The first one ischaracterized by neurosis symptoms headache, eye pains in the morning, asthenia, tiredness, nausea, sleep problems. The arterial tension can increase temporarily. Its the stage in which the disease can be cured if the patient follows a proper treatment, or, in case theres no treatment, the disease can evolve, leading to the next stages.The neurosis symptoms from the first stage are developing during the second stage, and are becoming more accentuated sight problems, problematic hearing, and cerebral accidents amnesia, deafness, transient blindness, and paresis. The breathing effort also appears, with chest pains, either neurotic or angina. The symptoms are based on the cerebral spasm and on the development of the atherosclerosis in this stadium. In this evolving phase an also appear a left ventricular hypertrophy, appreciated through percussion, through a radiologic exam. The importance is though established through the tensional values recorded over normal, but with big oscillations. A very important of appreciation of the 2ndbase is the back of the eye examination, which, within the condition of the retinal arteries are showing important information that are needed to establish the proper diagnosis narrowed arteries, with silver reflex, arterial thickening, irregularity of the caliber, tortuous veins and dilated veins. Even at this stage, within a very well provided treatment, the disease can be cured or stopped from evolving.The 3rdstage is appreciated as being the stadium of the complications in which the atherosclerosis plays a very important part. The cerebral complications, according to the clinical formula, can be cerebral bleeding and the brain death, followed by paralysis or even death. In some serious forms, where the evolution is of 1-3 years, the hypertensive encephalopathy can also appear intense headache, nausea, vomiting, agitation, numbness or the loss of consciousness. The cardiac complications are manifested through cardiac insufficiency, acute or chronic, chest angina, and myocardial infarction. The renal complications are caused by the renal sclerosis and the arterial complications are arthritis and bleeding.
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