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How does colorectal cancer manifest?
How does colorectal cancer manifest?
31.07.2014, 12:28
Rank: 7
This month:
The colorectal cancerappears in the large intestine in the area of the colon and of the rectum, the second part of the large intestine. In here, the aliments that have been digested are passing through the colon, and the organism is absorbing from the residual water and the solid remains the last nutrients, which after are pushed inside the rectum and eliminated through the anus feces. Meanwhile, the mucosa that lines the interior of the colorectal tube can be a very fertile terrain for the evolution of some small tumors, named polyps.The polyps are mostly benign, but the specialists have discovered a kind of cancerous polyp. The colorectal cancer is developing from the glandular polyps of the intestinal mucosa, but if the tumor has been localized, the disease can be cured.If the tumor grows, it will extend on the intestine wall of the other surrounding organs, like sanguine circulation and lymphatic ganglions. If the cancer extended, the curing chances are smaller. As many other forms of cancer, the colorectal cancer is a reason of concern for the older ones. The risk of getting sick is higher than for the persons younger than 50 years old, and continues to increase with the age. The colorectal cancer is more often met in cities than in villages, because of the poor alimentation, and is more frequent to the white race.
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