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How does giardia manifest?
How does giardia manifest?
30.07.2014, 15:56
Rank: 7
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Giardia causes diarrhea and occurs predominantly in children, but in some cases can be installed in adults as well. The means of transmission of the parasite is achieved by eating infected food or water, but also if you do not take care of your hygiene. Giardia has two types the adult and the cyst. The last one causes infection in humans. Once entered into our body, it will go to the intestines, where it can become an adult. Besides diarrhea, giardia is also responsible for the strong stomach pains, vomiting and bloating. If you see that all medicines have no effect and the diarrhea persists for more than five or six days, then seek immediate medical help. The treatment is simple to use anti-parasitic drugs . What is vital is that all those with whom you come in direct contact to take these drugs, in a precautionary manner because the parasite is contagious.
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