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How does macular degeneration manifest?
How does macular degeneration manifest?
31.07.2014, 21:54
Rank: 7
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Macular degeneration is of two types dry and wet. Dry form is the most frequent form and is characterized by thinning of retina and of the small white deposits formed inside it. Usually, the dry form is not severe, while the wet one might appear at a younger age and might be much severe. This form appears when the blood vessels situated under the retina bleed and cause the retina cells death, this leading to some blind spots or distortion of the central eyesight.Even though this disease can cause losing the capacity of reading and driving, it doesnt lead to complete blindness. The disease frequency increases after the age of 50. Until 75, approximately 15 of people have this disease. Among the risk factors are familys medical historyrecords and smoking, while those affected are mostly the Caucasians. The symptoms of the disease comprise blurred vision, distorted view, and absent central eyesight. To diagnose the macular degeneration the following tests are needed the test of visual acuity, refraction test, pupillary reflex response test, slit-lamp examination, retinal examination through various techniques, fluorescein angiography, and occasionally, Amsler grille, and optic coherence tomography a test that provides a coloured image of macula or retina.
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