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How is Chlamydia diagnosed?
How is Chlamydia diagnosed?
30.07.2014, 14:30
Rank: 7
This month:
If Chlamydia is treated and cured, it does not mean that the virus will not affect you again. If you have sexual relations with another sick person, then there is the risk of disease recurrence. The doctors who can tell you if have or not Chlamydia, are urologists, dermatologists and gynaecologists. The methods of treating the disease are not very complicated and very expensive and can also be suggested by your family physicians. If you do not feel comfortable to discuss such issues with them, then you should consult an expert.Immediately after being diagnosed with Chlamydia then youre undergoing a pelvic examination for women or a urological one for men. After several days, doctors will tell you if besides the infection that you have, you are also suffering from other STDs, including AIDS and syphilis. In the years after diagnosis, at every six months, people who were sick of Chlamydia will make these tests again to ensure that the disease has not returned.
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