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How is colorectal cancer diagnosed?
How is colorectal cancer diagnosed?
31.07.2014, 20:57
Rank: 7
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The diet contributes highly to the risk of increasing this disease for persons who dont consume vegetables, cereals, etc. The colorectal cancer is determined by the higher consume of fats, red meat, dairy products, eggs, etc. This is also increasing the risk of colorectal cancer because of the chemical substances, such as the chlorine and the asbestos.In order to trace this disease its necessary to make a colonoscopy after the age of 50 a computerized tomography which will offer the image of the colon after it has been emptied and filled with air. Another procedure is the process which allows the observation with details of the mucosa which is lining the large intestine. If there a polyp is found, a tumor, the biopsy is necessary in order to establish if its malignant or not. The abdominal ultrasound cant show the colon cancer but shows the possible metastasis inside the liver, the abdominal ganglions, or the metastasis inside the abdomen. Also, the tomography can show eventual metastases or possible extents of the surrounding organ.
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