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How is colorectal cancer treated?
How is colorectal cancer treated?
31.07.2014, 13:30
Rank: 7
This month:
Maintaining the quality of life is highly important, together with the medical treatment, which helps cure the disease. But the most important in the case of this disease is the surgical intervention. The small tumors can be removed within the colonoscopy. The surgeons prefer to use another method that means the removal of a portion of the intestine and of the ganglions around.The surgeon is reconnecting the healthy portions of the colon and rectum. If this thing can be done, then he makes an opening, a stoma, inside the abdomen, which is changing the path of the cut colon. The residues are gathered inside a bag. After this small operation, a second one is made, and the colon and the rectum are reconnected. The definitive operation is made only in case of rectal cancer, because keeping a portion of the rectum is very difficult.Before the operation, the patient should also have chemotherapy and radiotherapy with the purpose of decreasing the tumor, and in order to prevent some others and to prolong the survival.Right after the surgical intervention the patient must be exposed to an attentive observation, and submitted to a treatment with analgesics and some other medicine which should ameliorate the diarrhea and the constipation. At 3-6 months its better to do some new ultrasounds and colonoscopies, in order to check the possible metastasis from the distance.It is also very important to have a healthy alimentation, with proteins and calories in order to strengthen the body and the organism and to cure, and supply the alimentation with vitamins A, C, E, and with calcium. The fats consume should be reduced, as well as the consummation of oils, salty foods, red meat and so on.
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