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How is the dream interpretation actually made?
I am really curious to find out how exactly a dream is interpreted? Have you ever been in the situation of interpreting dreams? Or do you use some sort of a book?
01.10.2014, 11:58
Rank: 7
This month:
First of all, we have to make a clear distinction between dreams and day dreaming, even though it seems to mean the same thing. However, dreams are those that appear at night, those that we have in our subconscious minds, and day dreaming actually represents our thoughts, our great goals that often appear to be impossible for us or the people around us.
The interpretation of the dreams also depends on the physical and psychological state of the individual, and here we can introduce a few categories of dreaming, like the subconscious dreaming or rather day dreaming, which happens in a state of great fatigue, generally when we use the right hemisphere of the brain, the one that rather lets us use our creativity and our spiritual side, the sensible side. The experts in human psychology believe that day dreaming, so the semi-conscious dreaming is very beneficial, especially because it helps us shape a world where it eventually “happens”. Here we can also speak about the notion of karma, so the attraction of negative or positive forces, depending on the way we think or act. If we do good or we have positive thinking, we can rest assured that nothing bad will happen to us, and the other way around.
Another way that we can dream is called lucidity, which allows us to form our own dream, our own environment, it allows us to take the dream the direction we wish to take it, and in addition, it helps us develop certain skills in real life. For example, if we dream about being a good public speaker, we charge ourselves with that energy that is needed to deal with the emotions that we are exposed to while speaking in front of a crowd. The same thing is valid for all those who dream about being good sportsmen or good painters. Everything practically helps us develop in real life, giving us more trust in ourselves, knowing ourselves better, trusting our strengths, a better knowledge of our skills so that eventually we may exploit them.
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