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How is water retention treated?
How is water retention treated?
31.07.2014, 15:38
Rank: 7
This month:
If you are beginning to observe the fact that some parts of your body are swollen, dont wait any longer and go see a medic You cant know for sure what is happening to your organism, and a doctor can help you through. The water retention is not a game and must not be treated superficially. Along with it various problems can occur that only the doctor can observe.Consume less salt and condiments Perhaps you didnt know, but the condiments have the same properties as salt. If you like to eat salty and spicy, try to reduce the quantity a little bit. In order to help your organism to eliminate the unneeded water, consume bananas each time you want. If they are not your favorite fruit, you can easily replace them with nuts. Bananas and nuts will help you regain the reserve of potassium and to get read of the surplus of water in your organism. If you are often confronting this problem, you should introduce in your daily alimentation some yogurt, cabbage and green tea. They are helping the digestion process and the water elimination. Along all these, you also need vitamins that you can get from different fruits. Leave the sweets behind and start to eat as healthy as you can. At your office, avoid standing up on your feet for a very long time. Dont stay in front of the computer too much, as well, because its not good for you, especially if you are used to it down with your legs crossed. Are you smoking, and eating from a fast food Well, if you continue with this lifestyle, you wont get rid soon of the water retention problem. You should share the 3 principal lunches in 5 or 6 a day. In this way, you wont be forcing your organism to digest at once a great quantity of aliments.Rest as much as you can. Lay on your bed and place your feet in a position that they will be placed upper than your body. You can rise them up on the wall, if this thing doesnt bother anyone, because in this way you will ease your blood circulation.Dont forget to hydrate your organism Drink at least two litters of water a day, no matter if you eat fruits and vegetables that contain water.
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