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How many types of telescopes are there?
How many types of telescopes are there?
13.07.2014, 17:56
Rank: 7
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While technology has advanced quite a bit over the past fifty years the underlying technology behind astronomy telescopes remains the same. There are still three different types of telescopes which include Catadioptrics, Newtonian Reflectors and Refractors. The objective of all three technologies it to collect and focus light so that it is magnified and in the case of larger telescopes recorded. However each of these types of telescopes does so in a different way. All of these telescopes make great tools for viewing the vast heaves some may have a few advantages over others.

Catadioptric telescopes are something which have been in use for quite some time and do a great job of bringing the galaxy to life right in front of your very eyes. However these astronomy telescopes can be somewhat more expensive than the rest depending on the one you opt for. These telescopes use a combination of mirrors and lenses in order to magnify the light many times prior to it hitting your eyes.

Newtonian reflector telescopes have been improved upon quite significantly. Today they are lighter and are great for kids. They use both mirrors and reflectors in order to project a vivid image through its eyepiece. Refractor telescopes also use a combination of lenses in order to project a large image.
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