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How much does your zodiac sign describe you?
Astrology is a very debated science. Is it true or is it false what the stars have set for us when we were born and what they lay for us every day.
About your sign, do you find your traits given by it suitable with you personality or do you see them more like a constraint which encloses your growth posibilities?
02.07.2014, 08:24
Rank: 7
This month:
I could never imagine myself other than being a Libra. I am calm and tend to balance and I don't know how much of my acting and being is so due to the zodiac sign or just my up bringing. I really don't see it as a constraint, quite the opposite, I see it as help into understanding yourself and the world you belong to better. And regarding the traits, no one ever said that two people are alike, regardless whether they belong to the same zodiac sign or not, this proves the diversity and freedom of choosing the personality. I can also be impulsive, reckless and mean if I choose to. We are free to choose however we want to be, but why fight it when it can help you so much?
04.07.2014, 10:27
Rank: 7
This month:
I do not believe that if i have my sign, I will have a behavior that strictly describes this sign and nothing more. This is something foolish to believe due to the fact that human personality, in general, is so complex that some traits or characteristics could not be included into a single category, into some templates and this person does not manifest any other features because of that sign. Human beings are neither devices nor some robots to be programmed or set. What's more, i do believe that stars influence us, our zodiac sign represents our personality and life, but all the features that characterize us and the sign are flexible, can be expressed easily, more or less. It is said that Scorpios are very ambitious, persistent, kind, fighters, a family guy ans so on. Nevertheless, there are also some things that make them a complex personality and a strong character when they feel cheated, when they feel there is injustice and when they feel somebody wants to harm them: the venom which everybody talks about is true, many time Scorpios or i tend to create paybacks, in a diplomatic manner mainly when we feel we have been taken for granted or our confidence has been betrayed. However, the kindness and sympathy is at a high level, but that doesn't mean that a friend of mine who is very kind doesn't deserve the sign he has been born under. many human elements are present in many signs, so i don't think that the zodiac is so firmly delimited.
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