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How to avoid viruses from the internet?
I've heard of many possibilities to contact different kind of malware from the internet. But where exactly do they come from? Is it from downloads or infested e-mails?
How to protect my computer from viruses?
07.07.2014, 11:05
Rank: 7
This month:
It can be both ways, anyhow, you have to access a certain webpage to get it, I don't think it's even necessary to download stuff, it gets through the webpage into your comp. Although, I have heard about some viruses that once you download them, thinking that you are actually downloading a game or something, it totally ruins your computer and you need to reinstall the software. There are several programs that defend your computer, they alert you whenever they see something suspicious and they even block the access to certain webpages, I would recommend you Norton or Avira (free) and also malwarebytes for malware (a must). Anyhow, I have read that most viruses are made by the anti-virus company in order to keep people buying these programs.
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