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How to face a thyroid disorder?
For a few years know I have been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder and ever since I have taken meds and I'll be taking them for the rest of my life. I have seen that over 3 years of meds, my body came relatively close to the normal functioning, I am not as tired or fat as in the beginning, but I can not say I am as healthy as a normal being. If there is another person here, how do you face this disorder, what do you do to keep the body weight in check and have enough energy to fulfill the daily tasks? Is there a diet I can follow, because I have read that some vegetables are not ok at all for the thyroid?
11.09.2014, 11:46
Rank: 1
This month:
First of all you haven't mentioned what type it is, hypo or hyperthyroid disorder. Of course there are some types of food that musn't be consumed. The weight control is very important when you have both, one the two makes the body very fat, it permanently rises your weight, the other one makes your body go very thin. As i can assume, you have the hyperthyroid type and you shouldn't eat: aliments or food which contain iodine, salt, nuts, it is said you shouldn't drink too much coffee, you should replace white flour with cereals, you shouldn't eat red meat, not too much alcohol, milk and of course any product made from milk, you shouldn't eat too much sugar and things that contain sweeteners. Moreover, you musn't eat cooked food, you shouldn't consume fried - baked - or toasted food. These are what you have to take care from all your life, you have to take care and take your medicines regularly, you must make frequent medical visits and this way you will be able to control your problem. It is true and i am sure it is not easy, it is a source of anxiousness and stress, but you get used to having a healthy life and getting used to it is the only problem.
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