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I am curious how is the rye mostly used?
I am curious how is the rye mostly used?
22.08.2014, 15:13
Rank: 7
This month:
Rye is a cereal that can be used in bakery. The soils on which it can be cultivated are the acid and sandy ones and the necessary climatic conditions are the cold and humid ones. Rye bread is used in the bakery industry, ensuring the food quantity necessary to a great part of the worlds population. In feeding animals, rye is used in combination with peas and vetch.During germination, rye has four roots. They are more developed on sandy soils. The leaves are red in the beginning and then they change their colors into green and blue. The flowers have the aspect of spadix and the fruits are either green or yellow, weighing maximum 50 grams. There are many species of rye.Since it has high absorption capacities, rye can be planted on soils that are not rich in nutrients, such as acid or sandy soils. This way, it is recommendable to cultivate in on brown and sandy soils, but the sandy ones must be irrigated.
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