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I don't know how to dress up for my upcoming wedding party. Any ideas?
I don't know how to dress up for my upcoming wedding party. Any ideas?
17.01.2014, 19:46
Rank: 7
This month:
Choosing the outfit for a wedding party can be a difficult thing to do. Modern weddings are a challenge even for a cosmopolite person, a fashion diva, and this is because the standards are constantly changing. Even the guests that are not part of the event can also consider the pieces of advice of the wedding couple. The first place where you can look for indications and clues is exactly the written invitation. Is this a formal wedding Is there any message at the end of the actual text to announce a specific etiquetteThen, you should also consider the location of the party. Generally, a party in the backyard of the house would be a more relaxed event than one taking place in a church, for example. The same principle applies when attending a more special wedding where the geographic factor is an important one. Consequently, a wedding taking place on a beach requires another type of outfit than one taking place at the mountain side. In this case it should be most appropriate to mentions detail about the weather forecast too.The next thing you should also consider is the hour of the event. Those weddings that are more formal usually take place during the evening, while weddings taking place during the morning are semi-formals or relaxed events. Eventually the guests must also consider the couple getting married. Do they necessarily care for a special etiquette Did they talk at least once about how their dream wedding would be and implicitly about their outfit, with suggestions such as people dancing barefoot in the backyards or on the contrary, an official celebration where people are all wearing very elegant suits and outfits. In these cases, even though they may not pay attention to the actual text of the invitation, they should wear adequate clothes.
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