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I have read the reviews on Xbox 360, do you think it`s worth the investment?
I have read the reviews on Xbox 360, do you think it`s worth the investment?
12.11.2013, 21:32
Rank: 7
This month:
Xbox 360 is the newest and best console released by Microsoft up to date. On the market, it faces against the PS3 and Wii consoles, however it does well to maintain it's place at the top of the general public popularity, as well as performance. When it was released it quickly became the top choice for console fans to get, in order to play the latest generation games. It announced a new era of console, raising the standard up by quite a bit. This, in turn, allowed the gaming developers to make their games even better looking, with more content and a more complex game engine. All of these have lead to the sales of over 50 million units of Xbox 360 in the whole world, as of january 2011. The xbox 360 currently marks the 7th generation of consoles.

The performance of Xbox 360 is significantly better than its predecessor, allowing it to play any game on the market at top quality. It's performance stats are pretty good, with a 3.2 ghz PowerPC Tri-Core Xenon, a 500 mhz ATI Xenos graphic card, 512 mb of DDR3 memory RAM overclocked at 700 mhz with average audio hardware and an average connectivity requirement. It also comes with a wireless xbox 360 controller, having a fluid design allowing for both style and performance, and a mike set. You can also purchase an HD cable for a better graphic view on the TV if the TV is HD capable. For online services, Microsoft introduces the Xbox live which allows for users to buy games online, view their achievements and profiles plus play with other people online in games which allow multiplayer.

Xbox 360 has many accessories available to be bought and added to it's arsenal, from basic stuff like wireless or non-wireless controllers, webcams, faceplats for customization, headsets used for talking with other people online, memory units to the latest one, Microsoft Kinect.

While Xbox 360 only got launched with 13 or 14 games back in 2005, now that number reached an astronomical figure of almost 800 and many more still to be launched. At the beginning, most games were just adaptations of PC games configured for the console, but that quickly changes and now most of the games are exclusively for the Xbox 360 consoloe, or Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles.

Overall, if you are a passionate gamer who wants to play all the latest generation games without upgrading their computer every year, then an Xbox 360 may be the perfect choice for you. It's definitely at a reasonable price and you won't get tired of it too fast.
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