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If someone has an African hemp, what can you tell me about it?
If someone has an African hemp, what can you tell me about it?
26.07.2014, 16:10
Rank: 7
This month:
When the plant matures and reaches the considerable height of about 1 meter, during the spring, it will bloom. The buds are grouped and the flowers have white petals with red or orange stamens, with a strong and very pleasant fragrance. Sparmannia Africanacan grow as a shrub, in the flowering period being a real delight of perfumes. But it requires a storage space well ventilated so that the air can penetrate. The houseplant Sparmannia Africana can be multiplied easily, so all you have to do is be patient. To replicate the plant, you can follow the following steps: Prepare a pot with soil in which to put also some sandy soil. Cut from the mother plant seedlings of about 15 cm, with at least two leaves on each seedling and a bud from which the new plant will grow. Remove the lower leaf. In the center of the soil from the pot, make a hole where you insert the new branchlet, to the level of the last leaf. Wet it well and, for 5 days, make sure the soil never gets dry.

Red spiders often attack the plant, especially in very hot days when the air is dry. To prevent these pests, place a tray with pebbles under the pot, pour water over it, but be careful not to put too much water. Humidity will make the red spiders stay away from the plant. When the spiders
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