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In what regions is Celery mostly cultivated?
In what regions is Celery mostly cultivated?
22.08.2014, 22:41
Rank: 7
This month:
Celery is cultivated mostly in Europe and Asia. It is raised as a vegetable. The harvesting takes place from summer to the beginning of autumn. It is indicated to grow the plant in very well hydrated soil, rich in nutrients. Celery grows both in well light conditions and in shade. It also copes well with sudden temperature changes but cannot resist freezing. There are also the wild celeries, among which graveolens rapaceum and graveolens sacalinum. Because it has a very pungent smell it is among the most aromatic ingredients. It can be cultivated with tomatoes or leek.You can multiply the number of celeries with the seeds which you have planted in autumn or spring. But you need a cooler climate when sowing them. The seeds must be treated due to the fact that they are vulnerable to many diseases. Celery contains oleic oil, flavonoids, glycosides and other vitamins and minerals.
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