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Is makeup sex a good idea? Do you have it?
Is makeup sex a good idea? Do you have it?
30.12.2013, 20:35
Rank: 7
This month:
Any argument within the couple has its good part - and that is, reconciliation sex! From this point of view, it's a 100% true saying, "behind every cloud there is a ray of light"! More than likely, it happened to you that after a fiery argument or even during it, all you wanted to do was to jump on your partner!

Sure, the couple quarrels are beneficial from other perspectives, too, not only from that of reconciliation sex: the argument shows the recognition of a problem and is a first step towards solving it! Couples in which partners do not argue are either those couples which do not give enough attention to each other and thus they don't have important reasons to get angry, or those couple who have had time to grow and develop for many years and the two adapted to the partner's irritating little habits.

Reconciliation sex is a ritual of returning to equilibrium after a crisis, after a critical situation, a ritual of total release of the accumulated tension before and during the quarrel. While you argue you are not a couple, a whole, but are two people with different opinions and desires. You move away from each other from a symbolic standpoint, as well as from a physical standpoint and you can not find a common point of view.

Therefore, because of the feeling of this emotional and physical distance, partners feel the need to scream: they feel they are not heard, that they are not understood by the other unless they scream! It is as if one is on a mountain top, the other on another top!

But with the end of the quarrel, this symbolic distancing still persists - it takes a gesture of closeness and affection for reducing remoteness. Usually, if you came to a common perspective on the problem and you found a solution, the fight is finally over. But certain residues remain. Sex is that activity that will bring you closer, which will restore the intimacy and affection!
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