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It is possible to really understand a woman ?
People are complicated, but a women is something special that i will never understand. Guys are saying that if they will ever know how a women works, will write a book and make a fortune.

Most of the time i have trouble to understand them, because they change their mood faster then a bullet, they can be kind in one moment and mean in next one with no real explanation.

Do you think it is possible to really understand a woman ?
21.06.2014, 10:44
Rank: 7
This month:
Of course not, most of the times women don't understand women and even more, a woman does not understand herself. Women are all about feelings and shades and you will be dumbstruck to know how one finds faults in every little stupid thing. Women care for the ideal, they expect a man to care for them, provide for them all without the hint that a man is superior. Me being a woman and all think (only think) that I have found the key to success, it lies in the perfect balance of ignoring her and giving her attention, making her feel weak and strong at the same time. Complicated? A little perhaps, but let me give you an example, if you do everything as she pleases, she has the upper hand and women like to be lead more than lead, ignore her completely, well that's not good either. Never go to her,let her come to you and when she does, give her the attention she wants, rarely, only rarely show her that you care. Of course, it also depends on the woman and you know how they say "I am a woman, I don`t know what I want, but I want it now". Tough luck, I guess.
23.06.2014, 09:09
Rank: 7
This month:
I feel sorry for your struggle and really hope that things will get better for you.

In order to answer your question i would like to ask something first. Was this behaviour present with every woman you met in your life ( mother, sister, friends etc ) or is it a particular issue of someone special for you?

If the first, maybe you are looking for the type of women that were around you all your life.
If the second, maybe she is passing through a hard period of life and she have not arranged all the aspects of life yet ( she might be unhappy with something: career, child, health etc.). She could be exhausted because of small children, lack of social life, or simply she might have some hormonal issues :D, but the last one should be just temporary.

Anyway, if you are very close to a woman you are the most likely to know what's not working well ...
15.07.2014, 10:39
Rank: 7
This month:
It is a common struggle both for men and for women. I once read a book by Mircea Cartarescu and then heard the same sentence several times: women are not to be understood but accepted and loved. Many times us, women, do not understand ourselves and our kinds, not to mention men... There were also made some jokes upon women: it is said that there are creatures that live on the Earth, and those are human or people and women :)) Sometimes it is difficult to accept the faults of the woman you live with, and maybe this is the fact that makes you confused and maybe angry on her: the fact that you cannot accept her faults. On the other hand, a woman, when she hasn't passed over all the stages of maturity, she may seem twice as hard to accept and understand. It is said that all of us experience situations that are meant to make us evolve and see the world as adults, once our way of thinking has become mature. But when this process can't continue it is said that life gets much more complicated. However, a certain fact about this idea is that you should look if the same problem occurred with other women. Did other women make you feel the same or is it just one that makes you feel at wits' end. Maybe you should also consider the fact that ones logic is not the same as the others, even here there are some common truths.
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