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Just how dangerous are asteroids? Are we in danger?
Just how dangerous are asteroids? Are we in danger?
27.07.2014, 15:42
Rank: 7
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To the nine main planets from the Solar System , there are added a lot of minor planets called asteroids, most concentrated between Mars and Jupiter, orbiting in what is called "asteroid belt". Asteroids are large fragments of rocks and metals, and it is believed that they are shattered remains after the formation of the Solar System 5 billion years ago, that did not develop enough to become planets. In fact, diameter of the largest asteroid, Ceres, is about 1000 km but on the other hand, diameter of the smallest asteroid does not exceed a few meters.

Ceres was discovered in 1801 by Giuseppe Piazzi, an astronomer who was trying to found a planet among Mars and Jupiter. But due to its large and massive mass, Ceres received the dwarf planet status, the only one in the inner Solar System. The next largest asteroids are 2 Pallas, with 544 km across, followed by 4 Vesta , 529 km across and 10 Hygiea with 431 km in diameter. Subsequently, there were found millions of asteroids of different sizes and shapes, orbiting the sun along with planets, including Earth.
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