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Questions asked in Mobile phones & Tablets
How often do you drop your phone?
I constantly keep dropping my phone, but never that hard so as to repair it. How many times did you drop your mobile phone and find it broken ? Did you repair it or just keep it that way? ...
3 answers
Posted by LovelyCriss in 2013-04-01 08:20:14
Do you send a text message often?
I find text messaging quite useful for sending short pieces of information, do you send and receive text messages? How often? What are they usually about? What abbreviations do you use most of the tim...
3 answers
Posted by hera in 2013-04-01 08:14:58
Are Chinese cloned phones dominating the market?
Chinese clones of mobile phones are dominating the cellphone markets and not all of them are of a good quality. You can only trust the ones you buy from a certified place. What do you think of the clo...
4 answers
Posted by Matheus in 2013-04-01 08:08:25
Are cellphones bad for your health?
Can the use of a mobile phone be damaging, in the long run, to ones health? What do you think, should we cut down the hours spent talking on the phone just because there is a possibility of it being h...
5 answers
Posted by PinkPrincess in 2013-04-01 08:00:47
How often do you change your phone?
Do you have a mobile phone? If so, how long have you had it? How important is to you? I find it really hard to change my phone, maybe because I get attached to it, does this happen to you too?...
3 answers
Posted by hera in 2013-04-01 07:54:14
Where do you keep your phone?
There are many safety regulations when talking about phone usage, the most important one being its proper handling. Where do you keep your cellphone? Do you have a phone pouch or the trouser's pocket ...
1 answers
Posted by LovelyCriss in 2013-04-01 07:49:41
Do you know the secret code for Nokia?
I understand that there is some code that can access a sub menu in Nokia phones. Something like a test that can reset the phone to factory settings, this means that all settings are reseted and certif...
2 answers
Posted by se7en in 2013-04-01 07:43:11
Which is your favorite mobile phone brand?
Do you have a favorite mobile phone brand?If you have, tell us why do you prefer that brand? I personally like the Iphones, but there are many more smartphones on the market that are worthy to be cons...
15 answers
Posted by Vulendor in 2013-04-01 07:15:50
What smartphone do you have?
Everyone has a mobile phone. Technology has evolved significantly and today, the mobile phones have many functions and applications (high-resolution camera, GPS, E-mail, Blueetooth..) My mobile phone...
18 answers
Posted by meteora in 2013-04-01 06:30:28
What do you think of Nokia C5?
This is the phone that I use and it seems to me that it is very good. It is easy to use, it has a good camera and I can navigate the Internet or listen to music. I can receive video calls and It has b...
7 answers
Posted by zeka in 2013-04-01 06:19:06
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