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How do I gain points?

WHATAFY has a system for offering points made in concordance to various factors, such as the level of the user or his rank.

  1. Points received for posting an answer. The points are offered to whoever posts an answer to a question. Level = the user's level that has posted the answer.

    1P + 0.1*level – the first answer posted to a question

    0.75 + 0.1*level – the second answer posted to a question

    0.50 + 0.01*level – the following answers posted to a question

  2. Points received for rating an answer. The points are received by whoever posted the answer. The user that has rated the answer will not receive any points. Level = the level of the user that has rated the answer

    0.3p*level – very useful

    0.2p*level – useful

    -0.2p*level – irrelevant

    -0.3p*level – wrong information

What does the Rank represent on WHATAFY?

The rank represents the position on which the user lies in the top members of WHATAFY. The top position (the rank) is established according to the total score a user has.

What does the Level of a user represent on WHATAFY?

There are 10 levels you can reach. The levels are given according to the number of points gathered on the website, based on your activity. The level will be displayed through a number in a circle wherever the name of the user appears.

Level 1 : 0 - 99 points

Level 2 : 100 – 249 points

Level 3 : 250 – 499 points

Level 4 : 500 – 999 points

Level 5 : 1.000 – 2.499 points

Level 6 : 2.500 – 4.999 points

Level 7 : 5.000 – 9.999 points

Level 8 : 10.000 – 14.999 points

Level 9 : 15.000 – 19.999 points

Level 10 : 20.000+ points